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Author And Public Speaker Specializing In Healthy Aging

Train to Age

by Joni Grant

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Who Am I

I tell everyone who will listen to "find what you love." Until I found powerlifting at 58, I hated exercise. Hated might not even be a strong enough word. However, I discovered lifting in a free CrossFit class and never looked back. I like feeling strong! Within a year, I was competing, and I'm now a personal trainer and Functional Aging Specialist. I do strength training for all ages. My journey started by finding what I loved. If you haven't started your fitness journey, that's a great place to start. You are never too old!


To share what I’ve discovered about aging, I wrote the book “Train to Age.” If you want to understand aging, ageism, and how to age well, it’s a quick read! And keep your eyes open for my next book, “Age Like A Warrior”!

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