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It's All About Consistency

As I walked into the gym on a Saturday, the folks on their way out the door said hello and noted that I was late! And they were right; I was running late. And they noticed because they are consistent. They come in the morning, get their workout done, and then they are off to enjoy their day. These folks are in their 80s but aren't the only ones of that age that are consistent.

There are a lot of folks at the gym that are 60 years and older. Some take classes, most use cardio machines, and some use resistance machines or free weights. Some folks work out four, five, or six days a week. They all have varied workouts and use lots of different equipment. But what they do at the gym isn't what's important. What they have in common is consistency. They show up, day after day, get their workout in, and spend the remainder of the day doing whatever they want.

Sometimes I hate social media. Trainers and nutritionists often speak in absolutes. They have posts that lead you to believe there is only one path to fitness, and it's theirs. And if you can't do it their way, you are a failure. All-or-nothing attitudes won't get you to your goals. Don't let those attitudes keep you from getting started.

Do you have to work at being fit, strong, and mobile? Yes! But you have to do it in a way that works for you, your fitness level, and your budget. The number one rule is you have to be consistent. And the first step in any program is finding something that you will repeat day after day. That's consistency, and it's key to your success.

You may have to try 20 different types of strength training before you find what works for you.

Keep searching until you find it. I have no idea why I've fallen in love with the barbell, mace ball, or kettlebells, but I'm glad I kept searching until I found them. There are hundreds of tools that can be used to build strength. Find what works for you.

For cardio, you may try the treadmill, biking, walking, hiking, rowing, or the elliptical. You may enjoy racquet sports. Keep hunting for what works for you. I had a client join the gym to learn how to use the rower. His first workout lasted 30 seconds. It was a tough 30 seconds, and he could have left defeated and never returned, but he didn't do that. He was consistent and slowly and steadily increased the time he could row. He now comes in regularly and rows for 30 minutes at a time.

Your answer to mobility may be Yoga, Tai Chi, or simple daily moving and stretching. Do what works for you.

Yes, I have some simple absolutes. You have to find a way to build muscle, keep your heart strong, and stay mobile. But, you have to find your way. You may not see your path on the first or second attempt, but don't give up.

I will be highlighting different ways to do your training. We'll talk about working out at home, in the park, or at a gym. Your job is to try those options that might work for you. Building an effective program isn't easy. Being consistent with your training isn't easy. But the rewards are worth it.

By our age, we know just how fleeting life can be. I want to be able to care for myself and continue to live my life my way. I'm sure you want the same things. Build a program and be consistent; you'll be amazed at the results! Watch for more September posts and videos, and we'll work on building consistency together.

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