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Stop! I Don't Like Working Out

I understand that most folks don't like working out. I didn't either until I found something I loved. And the funny part is, I didn't get a memo saying I should try deadlifting because I would love it.

Nothing in my life led me to believe that I liked picking up heavy things. But I love anything to do with a barbell, and a single CrossFit class changed my life. That love of lifting got me into the gym, working with a trainer. Lifting led me to a new life and a new career.

Most folks can't drag themselves through workouts they hate, and I don't want you to have to do that either. How do you avoid that? Find what you love or find activities where you love the results. What does that mean? You might not be excited about resistance training but discover you love being able to climb stairs and carry in the cat litter with ease. You might hate endurance training but love being able to keep up with the grandkids. It's a trade-off. So how do you find the right activities?

You take the time to try new things until you find what you will repeat. You don't quit because you run into a trainer you dislike or a workout that's not for you. The answer to the question is different for everyone. I like lifting heavy, so that covers strength and stability. I wouldn't say I like cardio, but I do like kettlebells, and they provide the majority of my cardio.

I have learned to like mobility work because I want to move well, and I like how it makes me feel.

A lot of my active agers enjoy group classes because of the camaraderie between the people in the class. Some folks like personal training because they want a one-on-one relationship. I have people who train with me one or two times a week and take group classes. A few people add biking, running, or tennis. Find what works for you. The list of opportunities is endless.

You may find that pilates is your thing. Maybe you like picking up heavy things! Or maybe not. I don't know what workouts will work for you. I don't know how you will cover all the dimensions of Train to Age (strength, power stability, mobility, and endurance). It's up to you to figure that out. You have almost unlimited choices in this world that can bring every kind of fitness class right to your living room.

There is no lack of options, both virtual and physical. I still feel time with a trainer will help you figure out how to build your programming. That said, time with a trainer is a suggestion, not a requirement.

Let's talk a bit about liking the results. It's perfectly ok if you dislike resistance training as long as you find that you love your strength training results. I have lots of clients that would never give up a strength class. They don't love the class, but they do love the improvements in their strength. As long as the classes are fun and they continue to get results, they will keep coming back for more.

I don't know your answers. But, I hope to help you find what you love or at least the results you love. Stay tuned. We will cover lots of different training options. There is one out there just for you. See that photo. That is the face of a person who found what she loved! What can you do that will put that smile on your face?

And when you find the things you love, drop me an email and tell me all about it!


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